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 Nonprofits that share a common purpose...

We are a group of Nonprofits that share a common purpose based on increasing effectiveness in nonprofit organizations; increasing advocacy for those who receive our services and for the nonprofit sector; and increasing public awareness and support of the nonprofit sector in our community. 


The importance of nonprofits to the health of a community cannot be underestimated. According to TaxExempt World, there were 3,404  nonprofits in Mobile County in 2018 with income of 2.5 billion and assets of 4.6 billion. In Baldwin there 1,210 nonprofits with income of 557 million and assets of 3.1 billion. The number of individuals impacted by these nonprofits is estimated at over 125,000 every year.

The Coalition has adopted and supports adherence to the Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice that were developed by the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector. The Federal Government included 31 of the 33 standards as reporting requirements for nonprofits in 2008. The standards address the role of the board, financial accountability, record keeping and ethical fundraising for nonprofits. The Coalition believes that all nonprofits should operate by these standards.


There are issues such as changing governmental regulations, public demands for accountability and transparency, congressional perceptions of abuse, and an ever changing definition of charity that impacts all nonprofits. The Coalition will assist our community of nonprofits in addressing these issues along with providing a clear and concise voice for nonprofits at the local, state, and national level.

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