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What about a day without nonprofits....

The South Alabama Coalition of Nonprofits celebrated Nonprofit Awareness Month in November by staging a virtual Day Without Nonprofits.  The Coalition Member Agencies did not close their organizations or stop services, but wanted to draw attention to what Baldwin and Mobile Counties would look like if the member agencies actually had to close their doors. View below the many nonprofits involved in this important awareness day and see what would be lost without these great organizations:

Alabama Coastal Foundation

If the Alabama Coastal Foundation did not exist...

  • Collaborations and initiatives such as the Green Coast Council, the Coastal Alabama Livable Communities Coalition, and the Eco-Team recycling would not take place.

  • Millions of oyster shells will not be recycled from local restaurants into living shorelines and oyster reefs that provide habitat for our fish, protect the shorelines from erosion and help clean our waters.

  • The Underwater Forest documentary would not have been produced and students from Kindergarten through college would not be educated about Alabama's precious coastal resources.

  • Alabama's sea turtle conservation program, Share the Beach, would not be able to operate.

  • Thousands of native trees and plants would not be planted in our coastal counties.

  • Osprey platforms and online video streaming would not provide habitat for that indicator species and education for the public.

  • Professional education to real estate agents about the benefits of our local wetlands would cease.

Call to Action: Support our organization by making a donation, volunteering your time, and encouraging people to get involved!!


Mission: The Alabama Coastal Foundation improves and protects Alabama's coastal environment through cooperation, education, and participation. 


Contact Information: Alabama Coastal Foundation

    P.O. Box 1073

    Mobile, AL 36633

    p: (251) 990-6002

AltaPointe Health Systems

If AltaPointe Health Systems did not exist...

  • people living with mental illness would not have immediate access to valuable resources that promote wellness and recovery. 

  • more than 1,000 clinical and non-clinical staff members would be unemployed and the more than 15,000 children, adolescents and adults who get served annually, wouldn't.

  • more than 50 programs and services all committed to enhancing quality of life for everyone it serves would cease their impact.

  • the staggering consequences of mental illness: unnecessary disability, unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness, inappropriate incarceration, suicide, and wasted lives, would affect substantially more lives.


Call to Action: Mental disorders are more common than heart disease and cancer combined.The stigma surrounding mental illness often prevents people from seeking help or even acknowledging that they need help. And if they do want help, they don’t know where to turn.


Mission: The mission of AltaPointe Health Systems is to plan and facilitate a comprehensive, behavioral healthcare system that promotes the wellness and recovery of people living with mental illness, substance abuse and intellectual disability.


Contact Information: Tuerk Schlesinger, CEO

     Julie Bellcase, COO

     5750-A Southland Drive

     Mobile, AL 36693

     p: (251) 450-5901

The Lighthouse

If The Lighthouse did not exist...

  • local unemployment rates would increase by 15 per staff member.

  • many victims of domestic violence would not receive court advocacy.

  • there would be no domestic violence or sexual assault services in Baldwin or Escambia Counties.

  • there would be no domestic violence services offered to Monroe and Conecuh counties.

  • 10 crisis calls a day would go unanswered.

  • approximately 60-100 students would not receive domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education services.

  • fifteen transitional housing residents would be homeless.


Call to Action: Please support these people by volunteering and/or making a tax deductible donation by clicking here.


Mission: The mission of the Lighthouse is the elimination of family violence and sexual assault through education, intervention, services and collaboration with the community.


Contact Information: Rhyon Ervin, Associate Director

     P.O. Box 531
     Robertsdale, AL 36567

     p: (251) 947-2588

image001 (1).jpg
Lifelines Counseling Services
Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama

If Boys & Girls Clubs did not exist...

  • at least 4,000 at-risk youth, ages 6 to 18 , in Mobile County would not have a safe, nurturing environment after-school, during the summer months and on school holidays.

  • these youth would not have the opportunity to achieve academic success and be ready for the workforce, pursue higher education degrees or enter the military.

  •  these youth would not develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

  • these youth would not become responsible leaders in their communities.  

  • the parents of these children would not be able to work consistently without affordable, safe care for their children.


Call to Action:  Get involved with a Boys and Girls Club near you. Donating time and resources now can change the future of our children. Click here to find out ways you can get involved today.


Mission: Boys & Girls Clubs of America: To inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.


Contact Information: Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama

     P. O. Box 6724

     Mobile, AL 36660

     1102 Government Street

     Mobile 36604

     p: 251-432-1235

     (office)p: 251-432-3648

     (Direct)c: 251-583-2569

If Lifelines Counseling Services did not exist...

  • 1,053 children and adults would go without emotional care during situations in their life including divorce, death of loved ones, parent-child conflicts, sexual abuse, anger management, and child behavior problems.

  • 1,279 individuals and families would lack the tools to be more financially self-sufficient through budgeting, credit/debt management, housing counseling, foreclosure prevention and bankruptcy counseling

  • 478 sexual assault victims and their families would lack services to reduce symptoms of trauma and provide support to victims of trauma.

  • Sexual Assault survivors would not have the 24/7 crisis hotline with trained victim advocates available to assist them in their time of need.

  • Mobile Police officers would not be trained on how to support victims of sexual assault or have an outlet to work with the survivor in the court process.

  • Southwest Alabama community members would not be able to call United Way 2-1-1 and receive up to date information on all local resources in the area.

  • Suicidal individuals in 8 counties of Southwest Alabama would not have someone locally to assist them in their crisis state and help them return to pre-crisis state.

  • 147 victims of crime would lack an agency to provide much needed counseling sessions and support groups.

  • 6,799 children would lack evidence based curriculum taught in their school to help them deal with bullying, unhealthy relationships, sexual assault prevention and dating violence.


Call to Action: Lifelines Counseling Services asks that our community members continue to work to build a stronger environment for all by supporting local agencies, encouraging friends and family to seek help when needed and build awareness of our ability to change the culture around us to a more positive one.


Mission: Help individuals and families live more productive lives through counseling, assistance, referrals and education.


Contact Information: Lifelines Counseling Services

     705 Oak Circle Dr. E.

     Mobile, Alabama 36609

p: (251) 602-0909

f: (251) 660-2831


Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy

If Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy did not exist...

  • 40 patients a day would go without vital medication.

  • over 290 prescriptions would not be filled for uninsured homeless, working poor, indigent patients who suffer from one or two chronic illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes.   

  • some patients would have to make the cruel choice of buying food or purchasing their medication.

  • the retail value of medications on that one day would be over $8,290. That would be an average of $207.25 per patient for generic and named brand medications that would not be provided.


Call to Action: We are “the Pharmacy of the last resort;” therefore our services are always at no cost to the patient. To keep our doors open we need the community to financial support charitable organizations like Ozanam. We need local physicians to donated in-date samples medications for our patients and Pharmacist to volunteer. 


Mission: Filling prescriptions for those who cannot afford their medication for Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia counties.


Contact Information: Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy

     571 Dauphin Street

     Mobile, Alabama 36602

     p: (251) 432-4111

     f: (251) 432-4119

     Pharmacy hours:

     Monday – Thursday – 9am-2:30pm

United Cerebral Palsy

If United Cerebral Palsy did not exist...

  • services for babies with disabilities would be significantly altered in this area.

  • there would be no respite services for families of children with disabilities in Mobile and surrounding area.

  • there would be no camp in this area for people with severe disabilities.

  • employment service capacity for adults with developmental disabilities, mental illness and Traumatic Brain Injury would be significantly impacted.

  • there would be no personal Supports for people with disabilities in Baldwin County.


Call to Action: Increased funding for programs that impact peoples lives. Also, increased awareness of people with disabilities in employment and as a whole.


Mission: The primary mission of UCP of Mobile is to promote the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


Contact Information: Todd Perkins

        Vice President of Programs

        United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile, Inc

        Mobile, AL 36607

        (251) 479-4900 (w)

        (251) 479-4998 (f)

Girls Scouts of Southern Alabama

If Girl Scouts did not exist...

  • more than 7,000 girls would not participate in learning and practicing life skills that help them develop positive values, and build confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

  • more than 7,000 girls would not be engaged with other girls in learning how to develop healthy relationships, how to promote cooperation and team building, and how to resolve conflicts.

  • more than 7,000 girls would not be identifying community needs, educating and inspiring others to act, and providing service in their communities. 


Call to Action: Volunteer to provide leadership and mentoring for girls!


Mission: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.


Contact Information: Karlyn Edmonds

     Chief Executive Officer

     Mobile Service Center

     3483 Springhill Avenue

     Mobile, AL 36608

     p: (251) 344-3330

     alternate: (800) 239-6636

     f: (251) 344-4181

     State Office:

     Montgomery Service Center

     145 Coliseum Boulevard

     Montgomery, AL 36109

     p: (334) 272-9164

     f: (334) 272-6574


Penelope House

If Penelope House did not exist...

  • law enforcement in Mobile and Washington Counties responding to the crime of Domestic Violence would have no where to refer victims for immediate shelter and safety.

  • no one would be there to answer the crisis call for information about Domestic Violence, Protection from Abuse Orders, shelter, and/or other resources unique to victims of Domestic Violence

  • there would not be a Prevention Educator going into a school that day to speak to Pre-K through 12th grades about Domestic Violence in hopes of reaching a child in need or hoping to break the cycle of abuse by the understanding that violence is not acceptable-not the norm.

  • there would not be a Victim Advocate in any of the 19 courts we serve talking to victims about their situations and making sure they are aware of court proceedings and resources available to them and their children.

  • there would be no Outreach clients seen by a counselor for those in need of support, Domestic Violence education, etc

  • groups, such as civic, professional, medical, law enforcement, faith community, etc, would not have presentations about the dynamics of Domestic Violence, the effects on children, the current laws, etc available.

  • our Transitional Living Program would not be helping those hoping to accomplish all the things they need to obtain the goal of permanent housing with the absence of violence in their new home.

  • Penelope's Closet would be closed- our Thrift Store where income directly supports shelter operation and also provides clothing and household items at no cost for clients in need.

  • there would be 42 people without a job.


Call to Action: Give of your time to volunteer and/or donate to help others in need.


Mission: The mission of Penelope House is to provide safety, protection, and support to the victims of Domestic Violence and their children though the provision of shelter, advocacy, and individual and community education.


Contact Information: Penelope House

     PO Box 9127

     Mobile, AL 36691

     p: (251) 342-2809

     24-Hr Crisis Line (251) 342-8994

     facebook: Penelope House

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